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How We Help

How We Help

We help patients get free prescription products.

Over the past 24 months, Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. provided more than 2 million units of medicine to over 300,000 patients. Our programs provide people with access to medicines that are administered to them by a healthcare provider as well as prescription medicines they can take themselves.

We are supported by the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

The operating companies of Johnson & Johnson donate all the prescription products provided to eligible patients through Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. (JJPAF), an independent, non-profit organization. These companies have a long-standing commitment to helping patients access medicines.

What you can expect with our programs

  • One application for all products
  • No fee to apply
  • Free medicines for up to one year
  • Patients can reapply on a yearly basis
  • Healthcare providers and patients work together to fill out and submit a program application
  • Product availability through a retail pharmacy card or your provider's office

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