Am I eligible for the program?

You may be eligible for our free prescription program if you meet the requirements below:

  • You have been prescribed a medication donated to the JJPAF
  • You meet the eligibility income requirements for the medication(s). You may view the income requirements below
  • You don’t have insurance or medicine is not covered
    • Some patients with Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) who cannot afford their medicines and who meet certain financial criteria may also be eligible for assistance
      • A report from your pharmacy or an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement from your insurer that shows your out-of-pocket costs for the current year can be requested and may be submitted with your application. In order to qualify for the program, you must spend 4% or more of your gross annual income on prescription drugs.
  • You live in the United States or a U.S. Territory
  • You are being treated by a U.S. licensed doctor as an outpatient
  • You have completed the application and submitted all necessary documentation
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